What Are the Best Burial Insurance Companies?

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best funeral insurance

Many people find themselves planning funerals last minute as a result of tragic accidents. However, some people are put in a position where they know what to expect. When you anticipate an upcoming death in the family, you have the opportunity to plan for it

Most burial costs include memorial services, transportation of the body, and finding a resting place. Cremation can save a bit of money, but many still prefer burial services. Unless you want to go broke, you should try investing in burial insurance. 

Here’s why you need it and how to find the best funeral insurance.

Investing in Burial Insurance

Even though death is inevitable and rarely done on purpose, planning the resulting funeral is expensive for the people left behind. Often, the cost of dying results in low-income families falling behind on rent and taking on thousands of dollars of debt. 

A funeral expense policy works to pay for your funeral and burial costs. It may also cover other end-of-life expenses. 

Best Funeral Insurance Options

Even though you’ll need a policy if you want to avoid an expensive funeral, you shouldn’t go with the first one you find. There are a lot of different funeral insurances that all have different coverages, premiums, and requirements.

These are only three of the best burial insurance companies you can find online.

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha is the best burial insurance you can find for its price. They provide competitive rates and are a well-rounded insurance plan. Not only does their coverage not expire, but it also builds in value over time.

The age group covered ranges from 45 to 85 years old, and a physical is not required. However, you do have to answer health questions. Type 2 diabetics are accepted, and a no waiting period plan is offered dependent on your health. 


Aetna is the best funeral insurance for elderly individuals. They offer the best rates for individuals who applied with their Medicare supplement. Coverage ranges from $2,000 to $50,000, though it depends on the age group.

No physical is required, and it’s insulin diabetic friendly. You can apply over the phone for an easy application process.


AIG, or American General, offers the best guaranteed issue plan. They’re a great option if you have some kind of pre-existing condition or want to avoid health questionnaires. Approval is guaranteed, which makes it a great option for anyone with more immediate health concerns. 

However, the maximum coverage is only $25,000, which is half of what other providers can offer. 

You can apply over the phone, and approval is instant. 

Leave Your Family Unburdened

No one wants to leave their family burdened with debt when they’re gone. The biggest benefit of finding the best funeral insurance is that your family can focus on healing, instead of how to pay off a big bill. 

USA Life is here to help you build a personalized plan from burial insurance companies that can match your needs and budget. Contact us to request a quote online or if you have any questions about your options. 

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