The Only Funeral Planning Checklist You’ll Need

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funeral planning checklist

Very few Americans are planning for their funeral. Just 36% of American adults are talking with their families about funeral plans.

While this may not be a fun topic to discuss, it is important to not make a difficult time even harder. The good news is that we are here for you with the ultimate funeral planning checklist.

Read on to learn about planning your funeral arrangements. Take the stress off your family by considering topics such as burial insurance and how to make funeral plans.

Burial Services

Burial services are one of the most significant expenses in the funeral process. The casket alone can cost up to $10,000. There are many factors to consider such as memorial services and transportation of the body to the cemetery.

It only makes sense that burial insurance is one of the first items to consider. This insurance coverage helps pay for the cost of burial services and other end-of-life expenses.

The typical benefit for burial insurance ranges from $5,000 to $25,000. Knowing the amount of burial insurance coverage is critical to funeral planning. It helps family members determine if they have adequate financial resources or if additional capital is necessary.

Funeral Products and Services

Making funeral arrangements is not easy and there are a lot of different products and services to think about. Continue reading for a brief checklist of funeral planning items to consider:

Cremation vs. Burial

Before your untimely passing, you should decide whether you want to be cremated or buried. This is an important topic to document in your living will.

Cremation is increasingly popular due to its lower cost. With cremation services, you no longer need to pay for a burial plot, body transportation, tombstone, and more.

However, millions still prefer the more traditional burial approach. This allows family and friends to freely visit your resting place. It is wise to document a preferred burial location in your living will.

Funeral Home

Whether you select cremation or burial, memorial services are often planned for a deceased person. These services take place at a funeral home.

They are able to store a person’s body and prepare it for viewing. Funeral homes have accommodations to host a large number of people for a celebration of life.

Funeral homes also help arrange for transportation to the burial location. They utilize a hearse to drive the casket to your burial plot.


If you opt for a burial, a tombstone will be on your funeral checklist. A tombstone marks your burial plot.

It helps friends and family identify where your final resting place is. There is a range of options to consider from engraving to material that all drive the final cost.

An Overview of the Funeral Planning Checklist

Unlike the vast majority of Americans, you are now more prepared for a funeral. Burial insurance is one of the most important elements of funeral planning. This safety blanket gives you the financial means to adequately plan for a funeral.

If you are interested in purchasing burial insurance, contact us today to get started.

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