The Different Types of Burial Insurance, Explained

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burial insurance

Death is difficult enough. But the cost of dying is now more than $19,000, including the cost of burial and funeral services. Your loved ones may struggle to come up with the money to commemorate your life in the right way. 

The best way you can provide for your loved ones is to get burial insurance. Yet you shouldn’t buy the first policy you see. You need to consider your options and get the facts about a few different policies. 

What are the main types of burial insurance? How can you qualify for burial insurance? What should you get if you have pre-existing conditions? 

Answer these questions and you can figure out how to choose burial insurance in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Simplified Issue

Simplified issue insurance is based on your medical history. Your insurer will ask you questions about your diet, history of smoking, and other factors. Based on how you answer the questions, they will offer you a plan. 

Your insurer can deny you a policy if you have pre-existing conditions or engage in risky activities. However, if you qualify, you may receive enough money to cover all expenses associated with your burial. 

Before you apply for simplified issue insurance, you should get a medical evaluation from your doctor. You can use their conclusions to buttress your case for insurance.

Guaranteed Issue

You do not need to answer medical questions or submit to an exam to receive guaranteed issue insurance. However, you are not guaranteed as much money as you would receive under a simplified issue plan. 

The terms for a guaranteed issue plan vary depending on your insurer. But most plans require the policy to be in effect for a few years in order for the beneficiaries to receive a full payout. Your beneficiaries will receive money if you die sooner than that, but the money may not cover everything. 

Guaranteed issue plans are the best types of burial insurance for people with pre-existing conditions. Yet you should apply for simplified issue coverage if your health is good.

Preneed Insurance

Preneed insurance is coverage that a funeral service provider extends to its clients. You can select products and services from the provider.

After you pass away, the money will go to your provider. It does not matter when you pass away or what you pass away from.

This is the best burial insurance policy if you already know what you want. You should spend time looking at a few different providers and considering your different options for funerals and burials before buying preneed insurance.

The Different Types of Burial Insurance

Burial insurance is more complicated than you think. Simplified issue insurance is based on your medical history, though you don’t need a complete medical evaluation to qualify. 

If you have a pre-existing condition or participate in risky activities like smoking, the insurer will decline you. However, you can qualify for guaranteed issue insurance, even though it doesn’t cover everything. If you have a plan for your burial, you can request preneed insurance instead.

Whatever insurance policy you select, you need help from insurance professionals. USA Life offers premium burial insurance. Contact us today.

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