Mostly Positive or Negative? Mutual of Omaha Reviews

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mutual of omaha reviews

Everybody knows the old saying, “Nobody gets out of this world alive.” Death is an inevitable fact of life, but have you ever stopped to consider how much it costs to die? 

The average burial cost across the US typically falls around $7,800. Some states and locations may average higher. 

Fortunately, burial insurance can take a lot off of this average. However, how can you find the best burial insurance for you or your loved one? 

One option is to check out Mutual of Omaha reviews. Mutual of Omaha offers excellent benefits for its customers. Check out this guide to learn more about those benefits!

Mutual of Omaha Reviews: What Sets Them Apart from Other Insurance Companies?

Mutual of Omaha has an excellent reputation for its burial insurance policies. They brand their insurance plan as a simplified, whole-life insurance policy called their Living Promise. 

The Living Promise package is the primary product they market to consumers for its burial insurance. Insurance customers received these products through United of Omaha. 

The package pays for someone’s final expenses and other costs associated with an individual’s last days. It can even cover a family member who incurs financial difficulties after the insured person’s passing. We’ll explore some benefits of this package in the following sections.

The Final Expense Policy

Mutual of Omaha offers this policy to customers between the ages of 45-85. The face amount you can collect falls between $2,000 and $40,000. 

One advantage of this policy is its speedy implementation. It kicks into effect on the first day of the plan, leaving you with a hassle-free implementation.

Many consumers believe its pricing is among the best in the market. It also has the benefit of riders that can benefit the insured. The most famous of these is the terminal illness rider.

Terminal Illness Rider

Let’s say you received a diagnosis in which you have twelve months left to live. In this case, you can accelerate your death benefit significantly during those months. This acceleration can help you manage your finances and cover final expenses before your death. 

However, there is a downside to this payout. The amount you accelerate will reduce the financial benefit your family receives upon your death.

Nursing Home Confinement Rider

Another potential rider is the nursing home. You can accelerate your policy after if you become confined to a home for ninety days or more. This acceleration allows you to access up to 50% of your death benefit. 

What About Our Insurance Services?

There are many positive Mutual of Omaha reviews for the company’s life insurance policy. However, we also offer highly rated burial insurance policies.

Our policy offers several advantages, including the following factors. First, there are no medical exams necessary to qualify. Likewise, we lock your rates in; they cannot increase later. 

Similarly, your coverage will never decrease. The amount you receive is what you can expect to remain. 

In other words, we offer a trusty and reliable package your family can count on. Request a quote from us today to learn more!

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