Final Expense Insurance for Diabetics

Oct 13, 2021 | Burial Insurance | 0 comments

The American Diabetes Association’s latest statistics tell us that over 10% of Americans have diabetes. (Statistics About Diabetes | ADA) If you are one of the more-than-one-in-ten with a diabetes diagnosis, you may be in the midst of making some radical life changes: diet changes, exercise regimens, new medications, regular physician evaluations, and many more. Thankfully, a diabetes diagnosis no longer means the end of your hopes and dreams for a long and healthy life. With the medications and treatments available today, you may actually find that diabetes, controlled through medications, treatments and lifestyle adaptations, really doesn’t make you any different from the next person. In addition, a diabetes diagnosis no longer means you will be subjected to high premiums, extended waiting periods, or outright denial of coverage when you are shopping for burial insurance. 

What Burial Insurance Companies May Ask You

What shopping for end of life insurance with diabetes does mean is that you will be answering a series of questions while you navigate the application process. Insurance companies are going to want to know some specifics about your individual experience with the condition. They’ll want to know about the severity of your diabetes, the medications you’re on, your current physical condition and things of that nature. Here’s a list of possible questions you may be asked:

  • Were you diagnosed prior to age 50?
  • What medications are you taking?
  • Have you ever had an amputation due to diabetes?
  • Have you ever gone into insulin shock?
  • Have you ever been in a diabetic coma?
  • What’s your height and weight?
  • Is your diabetes type 1 or type 2?
  • How many units of insulin are you taking per day?
  • Do you have neuropathy (nerve/circulatory issues due to diabetes)?
  • Do you have retinopathy (eye issues due to diabetes)?
  • Do you have nephropathy (kidney issues due to diabetes)?

They will not ask about your A1C levels, your family history, or how long you have been a diabetic. Of course, there are no “wrong answers” to these questions—they aren’t designed to screen out some applicants. They simply help determine the best match for your needs, as companies offer different policies based on the combinations of answers, and your answers help to find the perfect match for your specific circumstances.

How to Find the Best Final Expense Insurance If You Have Diabetes

Just as a diabetes diagnosis doesn’t signal the end of a satisfying and fulfilling life experience, it also doesn’t disqualify you from experiencing the security and confidence of end of life expense insurance coverage.  Whether your diabetes  is controlled or not, whether your symptoms significantly affect your daily life, or are virtually non-existent; you can secure burial insurance that meets your needs, and fits your budget and lifestyle. USA Life understands how to work with individuals with diabetes, and we are committed to providing every applicant with adequate and appropriate coverage, no matter what your health background may be. You can talk to one of our representatives directly, or simply fill out an initial contact form; completely free of obligation. We are here to serve your needs.

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