Burial Insurance with No Waiting Period: 3 Things to Know

Dec 19, 2022 | Burial Insurance | 0 comments

burial insurance no waiting period

Burial insurance sales were between $17 billion and $20 billion in 2019. This shows that over recent years more people have become aware of the importance of having this type of insurance in order to prepare for a funeral.

USA Life Insurance Services provide burial insurance no waiting period. That way, you can have your burial insurance in place stress-free and without a doubt.

Want to know more about the no waiting period for burial insurance? Read more about it here.

What Are the Types of Burial Insurance?

There are different types of burial insurance. These include:

  • Burial insurance for seniors
  • Final expense insurance

Final expense insurance is another name for burial insurance. But truth is that anyone from birth to 85 years old can take out life insurance policies. There are laws in place for those 50 and younger, but the best time to get a no waiting period burial insurance policy is from age 50 and above.

What’s Required for a Burial Insurance No Waiting Period?

With USA Life Insurance Services there are no medical assessments or physical examinations required. Neither or there any health issues that are taken into account. We offer final expense insurance with zero waiting time whatsoever – you can get it right away.

In addition, it’s easily put in place with:

  • Rates put in place with no interest fees
  • Cover that won’t ever lower
  • Cover that will never expire or receive cancelation

You can even expand your monetary worth on your burial insurance. Loans can be taken out if you need them. But always remember that with us, there’s no waiting period.

What’s the Burial Insurance Process?

Whenever you pass, your burial fees are handed over to the insurance provider who’ll employ a tax-free indictment. This is usually then used for burial costs and any associated medical fees included for care involved in end-of-life.

While it’s handed out immediately, the choice is yours when you want and need to spend it on the funeral and burial. 

How Do I Apply for Burial Insurance?

The application process is easy. Simply complete the USA Life Insurance Services form. All you’ll need is some basic information and you’ll be on your way to zero waiting for your burial expenses. Then, we’ll put you in touch with the burial insurance policy that’s right for you.

It’s online, contains a quick six-step process, and allows you to see instant rates. We’re here to assist you with getting the necessary steps put in place for your family member with a policy that’s easy on the pocket.

We’ll also answer any queries you have with an individualized plan that’s a fit for your needs.

Take Out Your Burial Insurance Policy With Us

Generally, burial insurance policies can be a lengthy process and daunting. However, with our burial insurance no waiting period option you can save time, energy, and money.

Ready to protect your family with a burial insurance policy just like our satisfied clients? Then, contact us now! We’re ready to give you a final expense insurance you can afford.

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