The Average Cost of a Funeral in 2021

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As burial insurance applicants are determining how much coverage they need for their final expenses, one important factor to consider is the average cost of a funeral.

Funeral expenses can vary based on the arrangements you have in mind, and what your final wishes may be. On average, the cost of a funeral is between $5,000 and $25,000. We’re breaking down the individual costs of a funeral so you can start determining how much burial insurance coverage you may need.

The National Average Cost of a Funeral

The national average cost of a funeral with a viewing, burial, and vault is $9,135. The national average cost for a cremation with a cremation casket is $6,645. These figures do not include additional expenses like monuments or gravestones, obituary placements, or flowers. So, as you are considering your funeral costs, those figures should be factored in as well.

A Breakdown of Funeral Costs By Line Item

The following breakdown is based on nationwide cost averages, and may increase or decrease based on where you live, the funeral home that you work with, and so on.


Item Details Average Cost
Casket Cost for a metal casket. Costs will vary based on material chosen. $2,500
Cremation Casket Most crematoriums require a cremation casket, which contains no metal parts. $1,200
Cremation Fee If a funeral home uses an outside vendor for cremation services, this fee may apply. $350
Urn This is a container to hold the cremated remains $295
Funeral Home Costs This typically includes the funeral home’s time, storage of remains, and any overhead expenses $2,195
Embalming If a viewing is part of the funeral arrangements, the funeral home may require embalming. Otherwise, it is not required by law. $750
Preparation of the body If a viewing is part of the funeral arrangements, hair styling and dressing is covered here. $255
Staff for the funeral ceremony If the ceremony is facilitated at the funeral home, these costs are factored in to cover the staff. $500
Hearse If the casket is transported from a funeral home to a burial site, this cost will apply. $340
Service Vehicle This covers the cost to transfer the family from the funeral home to the burial site. It can range from a car to a van to a limo. $150
Printed Materials If memorial sheets, guest books, or note cards are created for the funeral, there will be associated costs. $175

Make Sure Your Funeral Expense Are Covered

Funeral costs add up. Even the simplest of end-of-life wishes could end up costing loved ones thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s so important to have burial insurance, or a whole life insurance policy, to ensure your loved ones aren’t left trying to figure out how to pay for these necessary expenses.

Burial insurance policies typically cover anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000, which is enough to cover the average cost of a funeral.

At USA Life, we’re here to help you navigate which insurance policy is right for you. Start the application process today. It takes only minutes to apply for burial insurance, and there is no medical exam involved. You can simply apply from the comfort of your home when you’re ready.

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